SharePoint: Filter on Current User's Group Membership

You are likely already aware that you can apply a filter condition to a CAML query to return only items where a specified user or group field is equal to the current user. In SharePoint's view settings UI, you would do this by filtering where the field is equal to "[Me]". The corresponding CAML query snippet (ass... More

Rethinking SharePoint's Security Model, Pt.1

The SharePoint permission model is great. By great, I mean large... difficult to comprehend and to manage.  Even for someone with a firm grasp on how inheritance works and how permission assignments are put together, managing permissions on a large site with broken inheritance can be a major c... More

Getting Powershell Scripts to Show in the Windows Explorer Preview Pane

I wanted to share this tip about how to make Powershell scripts visible in the preview pane of Windows Explorer. A few sources tell you to go registry diving, but I prefer to have Powershell do the work for me. This command will work on both Windows 7 and 8. Simply start up Powershell as Administrator a... More

Getting Mileage Out of the Client-Side Object Model, Part 2

In my last post I discussed the JavaScript client-object model that was introduced in SharePoint 2010. Now I want to show an example from my own experience. If you're supporting a SharePoint environment for large a large number of employees, you should consider having a Q&A discussion board specifically... More

Getting Mileage Out of the Client-Side Object Model, Part 1

Background: The union of JavaScript and SharePoint got off on uneasy footing. Microsoft designed the early versions of SharePoint to work with the venerable (and notoriously quirky) Internet Explorer, complete with its proprietary ActiveX controls and its alternative implementations of JavaScript and CSS beh... More

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